The ship

The ship

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From the Transcript of the Register found in the Archives of the Merseyside Museum in Liverpool with additions from the book “Harrisons of Liverpool by Graeme Cubbin:


The ship, an iron steamship rigged as a schooner with two masts, three decks and three holds, was built in 1872 in Liverpool by Robert & John Evans & Co. (Yard No. 48) for the Hargrove, Ferguson & Co. The ship was launched on May 8, 1872 as the DALIA. The ship had a length of 300.3 feet, was 34.7 feet wide and 25.2 feet deep. The gross contents were 2,011 ton (1,304 net) and the net content of the holds was 3,691 cubic meters.
The engine room was 52 feet long. The ship was propelled by two compound steam-machines, built by George Forrester & Co in Liverpool. The engines propelled a single propeller with a combined power of 200 (?) H.P..
On August 17, 1876 the ship-owners sold the ship to T. & J. Harrison, Liverpool, who renamed the ship MEDIATOR.
On 18th Aug.1883 the Mediator returned to Liverpool following a collision with the Norwegian barque AGAT off Tuskar Rock. On 23rd Aug.1883 the Mediator sailed again after repairs. On 5th Jul.1884 it was run down and sunk while berthed in Willemstad Harbor by the German steamer THURINGIA having arrived from Liverpool with general cargo.


There are no images of the Mediator. This is the only drawing available. There is a similar ship called the Leerdam. This ship is of about the same size, had a similar structure and had the same type of 2-cilinder compound steam engines. Of this ship exist a drawing, a painting and a model. The painting is shown here. This image gives a good impression of how the ship looked like.