We are back in business at the Mediator

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Mediator_20101024_017_smallAfter a long period of no activity at the wreck site due to a lack of workforce we have a new group of volunteers to help with cleaning up the wreck and exploring it further.  After an excursion on the wreck during one of the previous weeks they showed interest in coming back and pick up the excavation and cleaning activities. Today, Sunday October 24, 2010, was more of a practice run in working with the lift bag. Three new volunteers and one of our regular divers went under water with a lift bag and a large bucket.

Karel took care of a guest who wanted a guided dive on the wreck. I had to stay on shore because of an injury (three broken ribs as the result of a fall). Together with Theo we provided the dive security on shore. So no pictures of the underwater activities this time.

The topside pictures before, during and after the dive