Small Frogfish at Fisherman's Wharf

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WaterfabriekLinks_20090822_013_kleinAfter a morning dive at Watamula I went diving in the afternoon with Rob, Jaap and Natasha at Fisherman's Wharf. That is a nice dive site opposite the water desalination plant. There is a small harbor and a tiny sandy beach where you can easily enter and exit the water. The dive site is not known to most local and tourist divers but the site is definitely worth a visit. You can dive here to the left and to the right depending on the direction of the current. This time we went to the left. The last few dives we experienced strong currents at several locations; also here, looking at how strongly bent the soft coral was, there was obviously a strong current beneath 10 meters so we decided to stay shallower.

And that appeared to be a good choice. Normally Rob and I dive here at 20 meters depth. Staying shallow is a completely different dive. Lots of soft corals and also some large sponges. There was only a moderate current at this depth so we had a reasonable relaxed dive. Gradually we went a bit deeper. WaterfabriekLinks_20090822_012_kleinAt about 30 minutes we turned into the direction of the steep wall and started the return leg of the dive. That was even more relaxed because it became a drift dive. And then I found the surprise of this dive. I almost overlooked it. Inside a Branching Vase Sponge there was a small, about 3" long, Longlure Frogfish. Hardly recognisable as a fish apart from the side fins ("feet") and the tail. Rob and I took a lot of pictures of the strange fish; apparently he got a bit scared because he started moving away to another spot where he was better covered for the strange photographers. After about 10 minutes we continued our dive toward the harbor. This was a very nice dive.