Isn't she a beauty?

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Today Rob and I went diving at Baya. Mainly to check out if the algae were gone. That appeared not to be the case although most of them look as if they are dying or dead. They are mostly black and cover the reef till a bit more than 20 meters deep. Not a pretty sight.

It was also a testdrive for my new mask. I am using prescription lenses and that means that you don't have much choice in getting a new mask with lenses. I got a new one a few months ago, but from the start it was leaking. And it became worse and worse, so in the end I decided to take my loss and buy another. Luckily I could find the same mask that I had in the past, the Tusa Liberator Plus at the dive shop Silent Immersion. I moved the lenses from my old one to the new one and today was the first test. And it was a success. Only minutes in the dive I saw this very small snail. It is the Purple-Crowned Sea Goddess. I have seen this one once before but that was on a picture that I took from a solitary disk coral. It was after the dive that I saw what I had missed under water. This snail is uncommon in this area so we were lucky to find one. She is about 3/4 of an inch. A real beauty!