A dive at Lost Anchor

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LostAnchor_20090627_008_kleinIt is quite some time ago that I went diving at this location. That is because a hotel project has started here and that changed the infrastructure. But, as today proved, this site can still be reached although it takes a bit more effort than in the past.

The best place to park your car is near the "Miramar". From there you have to walk along the beach till the end; there you enter the water and swim to the other side of the channel where you can leave the water at another small beach. From there you have to walk till almost the end; look for a place where it is easiest to enter the water (there are a lot of rocks in the water so be careful). If there are waves you better go two by two into the water holding each other at the straps of the BCD. In this way you are more stable.

We went diving in the direction of the Lost Anchor, a large chain that is supposed to be from a lost anchor. Most probably it is the chain that closed off the Caracasbay during the war to prevent submarines from entering the Caracasbay.

The underwater world is quite undisturbed. There are many soft corals and sea fans. in the shallower area. After about ten minutes you reach a vertical wall that is beautifully covered with coral and sponges. This time we didn't go till the anchor chain because we would have the current against us on the way back. So we turned early in the dive. That had also another reason as the divemaster in training found out. Navigation is not easy at this side because of a double reef. If you miss the entrance to the first reef on your way back you will swim along the second reef. And suddenly you find yourself in blue water because the reef ends unexpectedly. It is easy to take a wrong direction at that point. Everything went well during this dive even though indeed the first reef was missed. After 53 minutes we were safely back at the beach. The divemaster an experience richer. All in all it was a beautiful dive. Well worth the effort.