North shore diving - Tunnel of Doom

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During the hurricane season the normal wind will change direction of will quiet down completely. That is the only time of the year the dive sites along the Northern shore are accessible for diving. It is still a dangerous undertaking, so don't do this if you are not experienced enough, never do it if you don't feel comfortable with the circumstances and don't do this without a dive guide with experience at these dive sites. All these conditions were met on Saturday September 20 when we decided to give the Tunnel of Doom a try.



tunnelofdoom_20080920_023_kleinWe, a group of 3 PDIC-instructors and a PDIC Instructor trainer, checked out the conditions in the nearby bay, so that we were certain that we could exit the water there if needed. We entered the water at the entrance of the tunnel. There you go immediately under water and swim for about 20 meters underground. The sea was very calm so the water in the tunnel was not moving back and forth. We left the tunnel on the sea side and marked the entrance with a buoy. We checked the location from the surface and went on the surface toward the drop off, a swim of about 200 meters. There we did a normal dive along the reef. We found our way back with compass navigation and the marker buoy.
Entering the tunnel from the sea side is a bit more difficult because the entrance is dark and you need a light to be sure that you enter the tunnel correcltly. In the tunnel you see the light on the other sided soon.
I made a video of our way back through the tunnel.