Westpunt and Lagun - a 2-tank dive

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Westpunt 20131013 010 smallMy dive buddy recently found out that we didn't do any dive in the most Western part of the island this year. Although the island is small, driving from where I live to the most Western part of the island takes about 1 hour, so when you live in the Eastern part and want to dive in the Western part it is often a good idea to make 2 dives instead of only 1. Our choice for these 2 dives were Playa Piskadó at Westpunt for the first dive and Playa Lagun for the second dive. 

Playa Piskadó (fishermen's beach) is recently renovated. There are now several buildings for the fishermen and also for food and drinks. There is a slipway for your boat and a rubble beach in case you want to go there for a swim and some sun. You can buy freshly caught fish from the fishermen. 

The dive site borders to the right on the dive site Alice in Wonderland (Playa Kalki) and that means that the coral formations are almost as impressive as at Alice in Wonderland. 

Our plan was to dive to a maximum depth of 20 meters (66 feet). I made an exception when I saw the very large Rope sponge that is shown in the picture to the left. That sponge is at about 25 meters (just over 80 feet). The sponge is too large to light it with a flash so the picture is made with natural light and afterwards processed to get the color back.

On the way back we visited the statue of King Neptune that is here under water in front of the pier. It is easily found at a depth of about 8 meters and marks where you have to turn to the beach to go back.

For the second dive we drove to Lagun where we parked our cars near the beach. After a surface interval of about 1 hour we started gearing up. Because of the long swim to the drop-off we had a total surface interval of 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Lagun 20131013 002 webWe were not yet at the drop-off when my buddy looked down and saw a turtle. We decided to go under water and were able to make nice pictures of the turtle. He was absolutely not disturbed by our presence.
We continued our dive in the direction of the drop-off. There we had to go to the right because of the current. Normally we dive here to the left because that area has nicer coral. To the right the coral density is not as high but the large Barrel Sponges are here more frequent at a shallower depth than to the left. So it is still a nice dive. Even thought the surface interval was not very long and I went deep during the first dive to take a picture of the Rope sponge, we were still able to dive around 20 meters depth according to our dive computers.

When we came back we met the turtle again and this time he accompanied us back into the bay. 

After the dive we went for some food and drinks to the restaurant next to dive center Discover Diving. Another option would have been to go to the restaurant of Bahia Dive & Apartments next to the beach. That restaurant can be reached via the stairs.

More pictures of this dive can be seen by clicking on the two pictures below. Clicking on the first pictures shows pictures from the first dive and clicking on the second picture reveals more pictures from the second dive.