Sidney Samson starts his tour under water

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Vaersenbaai 20130225 001 smallOn Monday I was at the dive shop of Trunkdivers Curaçao when I overheard some people talking about a famous person who was seen at the bar of Kokomo Beach. The name, Sidney Samson, didn't ring a bell. Apparently a famous Dutch DJ, who was contracted to perform at the Full Moon party at Kokomo on Friday, March 1, 2013. That explained why I didn't know him. I am from the wrong generation for this kind of parties. At least that is my opinion. For anyone who wants to know more about him, check his website (as I did).

Later that morning he came to the dive shop with the question if it was possible to get a dive certificate within the period that he would be on the island. That was possible provided he would start that same day with an introductory dive. So an hour later, after the basic information that is necessary to do such a first dive safely was explained to him, he was fully dressed up to go under water.

Under water we did a few excercises which all went without any problem and then we started our tour under water. Everything went as can be expected for a first-timer under water. After close to 40 minutes we surfaced; he had enjoyed every minute of his first experience under water and he had no doubt that he wanted to proceed to get a full Open Water certificate before Friday. Appointments for the remainder of the 6-dive course were quickly made.

On Tuesday he was plagued by a leaky mask during both his dives; I changed his mask during the first dive and that gave a bit of relieve but didn't solve the problem completely; he kept getting water in his mask. Notwithstanding this his excercises went well and he still enjoyed diving. I know from experience that a leaking mask is no pleasure to dive with; this shows his perseverance. 

During the third dive I took some pictures which are shown here.