Car Wrecks at Vaersenbaai

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Vaersenbaai 20120620 003 smallVaersenbaai aka Kokomo Beach is the home of one of the two dive sites with historical car wrecks under water. In my opinion this site has nicer car wrecks than the other site at Marie Pampun although that site has also other objects than cars to look at.

My buddy Rob, his friend Reinier and I decided to visit the car pile at Vaersenbaai. It was a long time ago and the sea was calm. The latter is important because a long surface swim (20 - 25 minutes) is required to reach the location of the wrecks. This is not something you want to do when there are large waves.

In the past there was a buoy to show the correct location but that buoy is long gone. Under water the large concrete block is still visible though. You need to go a few minutes past that concrete block.

There you swim to the drop-off and then descend quickly till you see the first wrecks at about 18 meters. From there till  more than 50 meters deep the car wrecks are scattered. There is an especially nice wreck of a small pickup truck at 36 meters that is worth visiting. Be careful though and watch your depth and bottom time.

We stayed for about 10 minutes at the wreck site and then started our dive back to the beach. This takes approximately 35 minutes. We had the disadvantage of a slight current against us. When you reach the wreck of the large pontoon you are at approximately 15 minutes from the beach. Don't go to the pontoon after you visited the car wrecks because you will certainly exceed your no-decompression limits. Save the pontoon for another dive.