Deep dive at Car Pile Marie Pampun

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MariePampun 20120511 005 smallOn May 4th and May 11th my dive buddy Rob and I wanted to go diving at Director's Bay. Unfortunately on both days there appeared to be no guard. Leaving the cars unprotected was something we didn't want to do so we went both times to Marie Pampun. Apart from a very easy entry into the water, a nice reef shallow as well as deep there is also the car pile.

On May 4th we did our normal routine except that we went deep before we reached the small boat wreck. That is were we normally go from about 18 meters to about 30. This time by going deep before the boat wreck we reached the large trailer at 38 meters depth and went shallower from there. We saw that there were some other wrecks behind and deeper than the trailer so on May 11th we decided to go specifically for these wrecks.

On the way to the car pile we dove shallower than normal to get more bottom time at our deepest point. Almost at the location of the trailer we swam away from the reef in the direction of the wreck. When we saw the trailer we made a quick descent while taking pictures of the trailer and the wrecks behind it. But at that depth the bottom time is very limited so soon we had to start our ascent to a safer depth. During ascent both our computers indicated that we went over our no-decompression limit. No direct ascent to the surface was allowed and that is what makes such a dive considerably more risky. So I advise strongly against such a dive unless you know what you are doing and are prepared to take the extra risk. If you want to see the wrecks yourself look at the pictures. There are two nice car wrecks behind the trailer but they are not worth the extra risk.

We went up to about 10 meters and stayed there till the computers went into no-decompression mode again. Still we had a to make a mandatory decompression stop at 3 meters. We continued our dive shallow where we encountered a large turtle, larger than I had ever seen; unfortunately he was out of reach for a picture and went up to the surface. Near the bay we made our decompression stop and the normal safety stop before we left the water. Reaching the surface didn't make a lot of difference. It was raining hard so we stayed wet.