Seahorse and underwater oasis at Vaersenbay

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Vaersenbaai_20111008_003_smallFor some time I had heard about a Seahorse at Vaersenbay but I was never able to take a closer look. This Saturday I went with a student for her third dive in the Open Water course. I knew exactly where the seahorse was located but it still took some time to actually see it. It is a small seahorse and it is attached to some soft coral but on the inside of a small bush. So it is not easily visible; I went back later that day with my camera and it took me quite some effort to take a good picture of it.
The seahorse is in shallow water (about 10 feet) in front of the beach.
In the neighborhood is also a kind of underwater oasis. The surroundings are all sand but there is a small stone base on the sand with a lot of coral on it. This oasis attracts a lot of fish. It is a perfect spot for snorkelers because is can be easily seen from the surface and it is within reach if you dare to dive down. For divers it is a perfect spot to take a safety stop at the end of a dive.
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