Tarpon City

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TarponCity_20110206_006_smallOn Sunday February 6, 2011 there were no cruise ships moored at the Megapier. A good opportunity for a guided dive organized by Trunkdivers to Tarpon City.
As you can see in the picture, this dive site is very close to the harbour entrance. For that reason diving is only permitted if authorized by the Curaçao Port Authorities. Because this large tanker came into the harbour guided by three tugboats we decided to wait before entering the water.

The visibility near the entry point was very bad. Luckily this became better when we went closer to the buoy. In the beginning we had to swim against the current which is not positive because we wanted to exit the water at the Marichi parking. Going back to the entry point is an option but only if needed because the exit there is difficult. Luckily also the direction of the current changed.

There were no tarpons at the shallow plateau so we went deeper towards the wreck of the pontoon at about 32 meters. There was a large group of Tarpons and we all enjoyed the view. In the meantime I took the opportunity to take pictures of the wreck. I had never done this before in extension. Contrary to what I remembered from previous visits this wreck is nicely covered by sponges. Without a dive light this is not obvious but the light of the strobes shows the true colors of the wreck.