The Tugboat revisited

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Baya_20110126_030_smallBaya beach is close to home, so it is one of my favorite dive sites. But not only because of the location. It is really a nice and diverse dive site. Of course there is the wreck of the tugboat. There is also a steep wall and there is the pier where you at the end of every dive can wander between the supporting poles till almost all your air is used up. These poles are fully covered by colorful sponges.

Today a cruise ship was moored at the pier for some maintenance so diving under the pier was not an option that we wanted to explore. We went for a dive along the steep wall. This wall is almost vertical and is covered with sponges. I always find it very attractive to dive along such a wall. There are always holes where I hope to find a resting nurse shark (never found) and the hanging sponges offer photo opportunities. After a half hour we returned in shallow water where nice soft coral and sea fans can be found. We made a stop at the tugboat wreck. The water was very transparant but there were lots of particles in the water. It was sunny and that creates nice conditions for photography at this small wreck.  

A very nice dive at a very attractive dive site. I made a lot of dives here but never regret coming back.