Daaibooi - An abundance of red

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Daaibooi_20100828_005_smallOn Saterday, August 28, 2010, Rob and I went for a dive to Daaibooi. Not my favorite dive site because it takes a long surface swim to reach the drop-off and on the way back to the shore under water there is almost nothing else to see than a lot of sand. The drop-off is very gradual which makes the navigation also a bit more complicated because you have to choose a good navigational landmark and mark its depth accurately otherwise you will miss it on the way back. Not that this will be a big problem because the bay is very wide.

The visibility is still below par. This is the same along the whole Southern shore. Reason unknown; could be the rain although we didn't get a lot in the last few days.
There was no current and we decided to go to the left along the reef. We also went deeper than we normally do to try to find an depth with beter visibility.
I am still improving my photo technique with the wide angle lens and the external strobe with a diffuser to cover the whole field of view of the wide angle lens. And, maybe because I am looking at the world differently because of the different lens, I now see a lot of Orange Elephant Ear sponges I didn't notice before. One of the advantages of taking pictures is that you better look at your environment. And apparently this is also influenced by the choice of lens. Daaibooi appears to have a lot of these sponges and also other kind of sponges. Positioning myself below the sponge and looking for an interesting background against the surface blue I took shots of several Elepant Ear Sponges.