Stingray at Mari Pampun

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MariePampun_20100825_003_smallOn Wednesday, August 25, 2010, Rob and I did an early dive (8:15 AM) at Mari Pampun. As soon as we left the bay I saw that the visibility was low; far worse than we are accustomed to in our waters. The water was slightly milky. Maybe because of the rain that we had the last days. I cannot remember that it was ever this bad. From other divers I hear similar stories from other dive sites along the South-Eastern coast.

After we went under water I saw almost immediately a large Stingray swimming. Lucky for me he settled down in the sand not far from me so I had a good opportunity to take some pictures.

We did our normal dive at this site. Swimming along the reef till the sandy spot and from there we went deeper to look for some of the wrecks and also to see if there are still Tarpons here. And indeed, Rob saw a large Tarpon when I was taking pictures of the trailer. I saw him too, but he was too far away for a good shot. A bit later, almost at the end of my bottom time, I saw another even larger one but could'n get close enough without getting into decompression. So we started going shallower and back to the bay. On our way back Rob saw a very tiny juvenile Trunkfish. I was able to get an acceptable picture of this junior.