Diving with a turtle

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Westpunt_20100814_015_smallOn Saturday, August 14, 2010, Rob and I went diving at Playa Piskadó (Westpunt). Playa Piskadó means Fishermen's beach. Currently the facilities for the fishermen are renovated.
This is also the dive site where a statue of King Neptune can be found under water. Nice and also very helpful for the navigation back to the beach at the end of the dive. And because this dive site is next to Alice in Wonderland (Playa Kalki) also here nice high coral formations of Star coral can be found.

Rob and I did our normal dive to the right. We saw a large grouper accompanied by a number of small Bar Jacks. Apparently the grouper considers this reef his house reef, because we have seen him also during past dives. During this dive we saw him several times, but always just out of reach of the camera.

The nice surprise came during the return leg of the dive. Rob spotted a turtle and went towards him to get a good picture. When Rob was finished I went in for a good shot and to my surprise the turtle kept swimming along for about 20 minutes. Most of the time within arms length. A special experience.