Vaersenbaai - deep dive

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Vaersenbaai_diepduik_20100730_006_smallFor a long time diving at Vaersenbay was not possible without bringing an extra person to guard the cars while being under water. But recently the construction of the "new beach" started and that means that during the day there are people at work; that decreases the chances of somebody trying to break in in the parked cars.

And there was another good reason to dive here. A group of three divers of the Dutch Army who were stationed in Curaçao for a period of 4 months was leaving the island on Monday evening, August 2, 2010. The deep dive at Vaersenbay was one of the special dives that they didn't do yet during their stay. To facilitate them a guided dive was organized on Saturday July 31 by Trunkdivers, a dive operator specialized in adventurous (but responsible!) shore diving. Also a German tourist joined in this guided dive.

After a thorough briefing - this is a a dive outside the limits of recreational diving - the group swam on the surface towards the buoy and beyond till the location of the tugboat wreck. After a short rest at the surface the group went straight down to the wreck. The stay at the depth of the wreck (a bit more than 51 meters, 170 feet) was limited to 2 minutes. That is sufficient to make a tour along the deep side of the wreck. There was the usual thermocline at about 50 meters that was easily visible and even better felt. From there the group went along the car wrecks to a depth of 25 meters and then continued into shallower water to get rid of the exces nitrogen and get back within the no-deco time limits.
On the way back to the beach the pontoon was visible but was not within safe reach because of the already made deep dive. That is a target for a another dive at this beautiful dive site.