Relaxed dive at Marie Pampoen

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On Wednesday May 5, Rob and I went for a dive at Marie Pampoen. Diving through the week is a new option for me since I retired at May 1. And it is a good option! Rob wanted to improve on his photo technique when shooting without a strobe at depth. And I wanted to check if I could reduce backscatter further by moving the strobe farther away from the camera. So we both had a goal during this dive. We went to the East (left); first rather shallow till we reached the wrecks. There we went deeper each our own way. I already made some test shots shallow to get the best settings for my flash and these looked promising. I shot some pictures of the small boat and then I went a bit deeper to take some shots of other pieces of wreckage. At my deepest point I saw a large Tarpon but couldn't go any nearer because of the remaining bottom time.

MariPampun20100505_034_smallOn the way up we both kept taking pictures. I also made some with available light without using the strobe. Suddenly I saw something blue moving beneath me. I went closer and saw a large flat tube-like moving subject. I couldn't see the head because the first part was already inside a small hole. The tube was about 2 inches high and less than an inch thick. The total length was about 4 - 5 feet. I guess it will be a kind of worm (ribbon worm?). I have never seen this before.

Pictures of this dive can be found in the pictures section.