Blauwbaai (Blue Bay)

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Shore dive
Entry fee

Blue bay is located in the Blue Bay Golf Club and Beach Resort. Because this was for a long time a resort for members only, this dive site could not be reached by others from shore.
Since 2005 the beach is open for the general public for a fee. If you go for just a dive and have no intention to spend the rest of the day on the beach you pay a smaller fee.
The drop-off is very close to the shore so you don't need a long swim out. The slope is very gradual. In front of the beach there is not so much coral. Your best choice of direction is going to the right if the current permits. After about 5 minutes the coral density increased although there are still many patches of sand between the coral. After about 15 minutes the coral density increases further to almost 100%. There are many kinds of corals and sponges. At a leisure pace you reach the "wall" in about 25 minutes. This is a vertical wall from about 10 meters till below 30 meters. Very impressive and very worthwhile to explore. So it is better to have a higher pace at a moderate depth when you are interested in this wall. In this way you will reach the wall sooner and you have more bottom time if you want to explore the part below 25 meters.
On the return leg of the dive there is a lot of soft coral and there are large sea fans at a depth of 10 to 15 meters.

How to get there

blauwbaai_blue_bay_htgtDriving in the direction of the village of St. Michiel you see at your right hand side a traffic sign with "Blauwbaai" on it (see picture). At the same place at the left hand side of the road there is also a sign for the Blue Bay Curacao. There you have to turn left. Follow the road and soon you will see the entrance of the resort. There is a guard house there where you have to stop. Tell the guard that you want to go to the beach of go diving and he will give you a day pass for parkingplace near the beach. Follow the winding road till you see a sign at the right hand side "Beach". Turn right and soon you will arrive at the parking place. Park you car there. Walk towards the beach. You need to buy an entrance ticket. Tell the person selling the tickets if you want to use the beach of if you just want to go diving.