Experience a unique dive on the Mediator wreck

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20071104_mediator_049_m0010155_mediumIf you want something very special when you are here, you should make an appointment for a dive on the archaeological wreck of the SS Mediator. This ship is older than the Titanic and can be easily reached from shore. It is located in the harbor entrance. That means that you cannot dive this wreck on your own. You need to make an appointment with Stimana, the foundation for Marine Archaeology in the Netherlands Antilles. There is almost every Sunday a guided dive on this wreck. It is something completely different from all the other dives on the island and your stay here is not complete without a dive on this wreck.

Stimana can be reached by phone (+599 9 4652327), cellular phone (+599 9 5667490) or e-mail (stimana at cura dot net).
Check out the section about the Mediator on this site to get information about the ship and to get an impression what to expect under water.