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Curaçao is a small island just north of the Venezuelan coast. With its 2 sister islands Aruba and Bonaire and 3 more islands near Puerto Rico, St. Eustatius, Saba and St. Martin, it is the tropical side of The Netherlands with which it forms the Dutch Kingdom.

Curacao has much to offer for the diving tourist. Although it is less well known for its underwater world than Bonaire, it has a lot of similarities. Most of the dive sites can be reached from shore without a boat. Its secluded beaches invite you to a long lazy day at the beach, pleasantly interrupted by one or two dives. And if you have luck, you will be invited for a BBQ on the beach.
For the Dutch speaking visitors, you can also check my Dutch website De Duiksmurf.

To give you an impression of the underwater world I will display at this site a variety of my dive pictures. I have taken all the pictures myself. I started with a Nikonos V camera with an SB105 flashlight, then I went digital with the Sealife DC500 with wide-angle lens and digital flash (The Sealife DC500 Elite set) and now I am taking pictures with the Sea & Sea DX-1G with the YS-110 strobe.